At 25, Myles Brown (M.Y.L.O.) has spent the greater portion of his life pursuing his passions through various mediums. With 7 years notched in singing and songwriting, and over a decade of videography, Myles has been honing his craft with every project. Through personal hardships, triumphant moments, and multifaceted exploration, Myles Brown has culminated his experiences into the vision of JOURNEY.

Myles has been writing music since high school, but his lens for JOURNEY wasn’t crystalized until he pursued a bachelor's degree in psychology. His growing knowledge of mental health empowered him to make a difference. At UNC Charlotte, Brown joined a research team that focused on perceived discrimination against African American college students, as well as the coping mechanisms used to manage these chronic stressors. Flash forward years ahead to when Myles faced struggles in his personal life, he utilized similar coping strategies to maintain equilibrium. He turned to artistic expression, this time with a renewed perspective and with subject matter intended to reach millions that have traveled down a similar road.

Simultaneously, Myles refined his video production skillset. Brown worked on a  variety of projects ranging from promotional videos for VCU athletics to serving as an associate producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network. These experiences matriculated into the visual album, JOURNEY. 

Losing loved ones, caring for his family, and enduring a pandemic fundamentally shifted the landscape of Myles’ daily life. Feeling boxed in, and needing a way out, Myles took pen to paper, and began writing JOURNEY. While 5 of the 7 songs were written in one night, the lyrics were completed within the span of a month. To diversify his interests, Myles took time to become more acquainted with the city that raised him. In his time exploring the different districts of Richmond, Virginia, he saw visuals that represented what he was feeling. With a camera in one hand, and a drone in the other, Myles began exploring a new side of his world, this time as an ocular conduit for JOURNEY. Time spent with friends would double as research for how different spaces in Richmond correlated with the themes of the project.

Myles has spent nearly a year infusing a lifetime of experiences into a project that not only tells his story, but also transmits a message that can be felt regardless of background. Myles’ wordplay takes the esoteric nomenclature of psychology and distills it into digestible rhymes. The music has a foundation of optimism, euphoric harmonies, and an intricate layering of themes in each song. He hopes that baring the difficulties of his own life will give credence to the notion that better days are ahead, and that the struggle is all a part of the JOURNEY.

-Written by Michael Avey, Owner of "Penrose Projex"